Fairfax County's new school board

The Fairfax County school board's newest members were sworn in Monday and already say they won't be shy about re-visiting some of the last boards most controversial decisions.

"I think there's going to be a 'righting' of the ship," said Elizabeth Schultz, a Clifton parent and one of the new additions to the board.

Schultz wants the board to consider reopening Clifton Elementary School.

It could happen. Last week, the Virginia Supreme Court announced it will hear a Fairfax parent's case accusing the school board of violating open meeting laws in its decision to close the school.

Returning board member Sandy Evans wants to add school surveillance cameras to the agenda.

"This is something the new board should have been making the decision on," Evans said.

Last week, the old board gave high school principals the okay to install security cameras.

"I don't think this board had the community input that's essential in making a major decision like that," Storck said.