Fairfax County parents protest proposed charter school

Parents in Eastern Fairfax County say the run-down school their kids are in is long overdue for renovation and worry that a proposed charter school could jeopardize their hopes for improvements.

Joan Daly's son goes to Falls Church High School, a small school in an aging building.

Because it's under-capacity, renovations aren't planned until 2025.

Daly and fellow PTA parents formed the group Uproar, to protest a proposed charter school nearby which they fear will lure students away.

"The charter school is competition for us that we feel we don't need," Daly said. "It's going to take some of our best students and slow down the progress we're starting to make. We have a really strong track record with all of our students, so we feel we're doing that really well."

Eric Wolf Welch is the executive director behind what could become Fairfax County's first charter school.

"We're willing to stand with them and fight for them for renovations, but I think they should see that our school, being a very small pilot school, is a different issue," Welch said.

The Fairfax Leadership Academy would only accept 450 at-risk teens and target low-income and minority students in the Eastern part of the county.

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