Evan Moss raises money for seizure dog with bestselling book

A 7-year-old’s book about his wish for a service dog has sold so well on Amazon that he has raised enough money for the animal.

Evan Moss wrote the book, called “My Seizure Dog,” to raise money for such a service animal to help him live with a medical condition he has had since birth.

“It’s not actually just a pet to have. It's actually for a special reason, because of my seizures,” Evan says. “I know that they're bad and it could be the end of your life.”

His book topped the bestseller list for children’s health books at for a time, and is still in the top 20 on Tuesday.

“Now I'm famous and I'm an author,” he exclaims, “and I'm halfway to getting my dog.”

Between the success of his book and the generosity of donors, Evan has raised enough money for a dog for himself and five other children.

At a recent signing, around 600 people waited in a line that stretched out the bookstore’s door. In the book, Evan writes about what the dog will do for him.

“The seizure dog will eat pizza with me. If I go to outer space the seizure dog will come, too,” he read from the book. “Those are my two favorite parts.”

When asked why he thought the book was such a hit, Evan says “I think it's all because of those two parts.”

His father Robert Moss created the website to help patients and doctors track seizures and understand how anti-epileptic medication may influence them. The site organizes the information for a doctor, saving precious time during appointments.

“It was then turned into a five-minute discussion. The rest of the time could be discussing treatments and where to go from there,” Moss says. Moss says 8,000 people are using it.

In the days to come, the family hopes to spread awareness of epilepsy and to lift the stigmas surrounding folks that suffer from it.

“He's a normal healthy kid. He just happens to have epilepsy also,” Evan’s mother Lisa says.

Evan will get his dog next June.