Einstein High School students receive anti-homosexual fliers

Parents of Friends of Ex-gays and Gays flier.

Some Montgomery County parents are upset about an anti-homosexual flier that was distributed to students.

The fliers are from a controversial group who believes homosexuality can be cured.

Days after student Isabella Kellner stuffed the flier into her backpack, she remains incensed.

"I have gay teachers at my school, we have gay-straight alliance," Kellner said. "We're a gay friendly school and to send this out, it's really ignorant, it's like hate."

Parent Michelle Lee feels the same way.

"My son handed it to me, I read it through, and my visceral reaction was to tear it in half and throw it in the trash," Lee said.

The flier was sent home last week from a group called "Parents of Friends of Ex-gays and Gays," or PFOX. It argues that homosexuality is a choice and that students shouldn't label themselves or others at a young age.

A school spokesperson said four times a year, non-profit groups have a legal right to send literature home with students, even if the material runs counter to the school system's teaching policy and even if it troubles students and parents.

"If kids were looking for stuff like that and there was a service and they could go get it that would be one thing," Lee said. "But for it to come home as any other fliers that come home in kids backpacks, I found it offensive."

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