Dunkin' Donuts clerk assaulted by angry customer after getting order wrong

The customer was so upset that he stormed into the donut shop and punched a clerk. Photo: WPLG/Browad County Sheriff

A Florida man was so angry that a Dunkin' Donuts employee got his order wrong that he stormed into the store and punched a clerk, police say.

According to WPLG and Broward County Sheriff's officials, Jeffrey Wright and his wife, Alexis Longo, ordered drinks at the drive-thru window at a Lauderhill, Fla. Dunkin' Donuts on Tuesday. However, Wright quickly discovered that his order was prepared incorrectly.

Surveillance video shows that Wright stormed into the shop and confronted the clerk in a confrontation that quickly escalated. Wright is seen shoving the employee, then pistol whipping him.

Longo quickly followed that barrage of violence with a few punches of her own, authorities say.

Both Wright and James were quickly arrested.