Double Stuf Oreo experiment shows cookies don't always have double cream

Photo: Kell Bailey/Flickr

In what's likely a stunning revelation for fans of one of America's most popular cookies, a high school math class determined that Double Stuf Oreos don't always have double the cream.

Dan Anderson, a teacher at a high school in New York, had his students separate and weigh a series of Oreos, Double Stuf Oreos and Mega Stuf Oreos.

Their conclusion, albeit from an originally small sample size, was that Double Stufs only packed 1.86-times the amount of cream as their original counterparts.

"The class as a whole was pretty surprised that it wasn't double," Anderson told CNN.

Anderson's students weighed 10 of each of the Oreo varieties, then subtracted the weight of the chocolate wafers to calculate how much crème filling was actually included.

In a follow-up experiment that involved weight entire boxes of Oreos, though, Anderson determined that Double Stufs still only had 1.9x the amount of cream.

Check out more about Anderson's experiment on his blog, Recursive Process.

In response to the experiment, an Oreo spokesman told CNN that the recipe for Double Stuf cookies do, in fact, have double the cream of original Oreos.