Donald Trump sued over Trump Unviersity

Photo: Associated Press

Donald Trump is America's most prominent billionaire and is known worldwide for his business savvy, reality television shows and his repeated demands for President Barack Obama to turn over his birth certificate.

Now, he's being sued for fraud.

The state of New York is suing Trump for $40 million in connection to Trump University, a program that claimed to offer courses in wealth creation, real estate and other business topics. The state says that the program is basically a bait-and-switch.

In its suit, the state alleges that Trump's business would pay $1,500 for a three-day workshop, then hit with a high-pressure pitch for the full course. The cost of that program came in at $35,000.

The state also alleges that instructors at Trump University urged students to raise their credit limits to invest even more into the program.

Students were also told that Trump would make an appearance during the program's seminars, but in lieu of that, students were taken with a life size picture of the mogul.

Trump's attorneys told CNN that the lawsuit has no merit and is a "cheap publicity stunt."