Donald Trump eyes old post office headquarters

Old Post Office Pavilion on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. (Photo: Flickr/cliff1066)

Whether tacky or terrific, Donald Trump plans to turn the old headquarters of the post office into a Trump Hotel.

But for locals and tourists, the landmark – and its clock tower in particular – have become a beloved destination.

“Well, if you want to turn it into a palace of trash, it'll be a great thing,” said tourist Tom Johnston. “Ostentatiousness to the max.”

Karyn Le Blanc, spokesperson for the Washington Business Improvement District, said that anything that would bring additional job opportunities is considered a good thing.

The building’s bells came from England as a gift at the end of the revolutionary war. It offers some of the grandest vistas of the city.

But for Barry Plott, who has run a souvenir shop at the office for nearly 20 years, the building also offers a window into our past.

“It's just an example of early 20th century architecture in the grand manner that you don't see much of anymore,” Plott said.