Dominion and Arlington County at odds over tree removal

Photo: Jay Korff

Update 6:41 p.m.:{ } ABC7 has learned that the power is back on, six days after the storm knocked it out.

A lot of people have been helping each other get through the aftermath of last week's storms.

But, there have been a few situations where there has been a battle on what to about trees falling on power lines, like in Arlington, where Dominion Virginia Power and the county were reportedly at odds.

For those who live around the tree-choked street in the Claremont area, emotions are far exceeding the 100 degree conditions.

Friday's derecho toppled a tree that entwined in Dominion's power lines then crushed a car.

For five, miserable days, David Carr and hundreds of his neighbors have been without electricity.

Carr said, "We wake up at 2:30 in the morning just bathed in sweat unable to sleep anymore."

David Hemenway blames dysfunction, adding that the utility company and the county can't agree on how to proceed.

"At the very least that tree should have been removed by now, but the county says they can't remove it until Dominion gives them permission. Dominion says they can't do the wires until the tree is removed. Are you kidding me?," Hemenway said.

His biggest fear is for his adopted daughter, Bekah, whose disability leaves her sensitive to stress. Her service dog, Griswald, can only do so much.

Hemenway added, "When we have a disruption like this for a long period of time, it does become a bit of a problem."

Only a few hours after 7 On Your Side called Dominion, the utility giant sent out a supervisor who assured a tree removal crew would be dispatched.

And that's exactly what happened.

In fact, Dominion officials say they'll return Thursday morning to repair the mess and restore power.

The Dominion spokesperson stressed that there was never an issue between the county and the utility company. He says the blame rests on Dominion not moving quickly enough to respond to the area due to the overwhelming amount of work they have.