DOGTV channel launches nationwide as television for dogs

Photo: CNN

There are channels for news. There are channels for sports. There are channels for food and the outdoors and shopping and, recently, all about sharks.

Now, there's a channel just for your pooch.

After a run of test marketing that proved successful, DOGTV launched earlier this month nationwide on DirecTV.

The creators of DOGTV say they did three years of research on dog behavior, focusing on surveillance video of dogs to see not only what they did while home alone, but also how they reacted to television.

The result was a television channel geared just for dogs while they hang out at home alone.

"Whenever there's a dog home alone, we feel this is a perfect babysitter," DOGTV founder and Chief Content Officer Ron Levi said.

The channel features no barking and the occasional squeaky toy - Levi says their research showed that dogs got irritated and angry when barked at from the television - along with enhanced colors to make the more visible to dogs.

DOGTV also includes three types of programming, including stimulation, relaxation and exposure. The channel will cost dog owners $5 a month on top of their usual bill.

The idea of keeping a television on at home for the dog while people are away is nothing new, actually. The Humane Society actually recommends keeping a television on while you're gone if your dog has displayed signs of separation anxiety in the past.

The channel is even being tested in veterinary clinics and shelters, which creators say leaves some dogs "mesmerized."