Dog survives owner in carbon monoxide poisoning

A deadly case of carbon monoxide poisoning killed a Maryland man, but the man's dog miraculously survived.

Jack, a 3-year-old black lab, and his owner George Sapp took a cross country trip in a vintage RV. However, two days into the trip a rush of carbon monoxide from an unknown source filled their RV.

Investigators say the level of carbon monoxide was so high, it probably killed Sapp in minutes. Jack spent 11 hours in the RV.

This isn't the first time Jack survived a difficult ordeal. He was found in 2010 during a blizzard abandoned in the snow.

Sapp gave Jack a home. His daughters say the two were inseparable.

"He took him everywhere with him. He didn't actually go one place without him."

Alison White says the vet initially told her Jack probably suffered severe organ damage from the poisoning, but Jack is just fine.

While White grieves for the loss of her father, she is grateful the dog he loved so much is with her now.

"He is just such an inspiration. I definitely believe in miracles now," White said.

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