Deer hunter irks Greenbelt residents

Residents in part of Prince George's County are worried about a rogue deer hunter who is taking aim just feet from homes and apartments. Several dead deer were found in Greenbelt.

Animal rights activist Cam MacQueen walked into the woods next to the Greenbelt Community Garden. There, she soon found the remains of a deer, hair and part of the jaw bone. A lift is built into a tree that hunter's climb up to see the deer as they approach.

About five carcasses were strewn across what appeared to be a dumping ground for dead deer.

MacQueen says that’s evidence somebody has been back hunting here, less than 15 yards from homes of people, including families with small children who come out to tend their crops in the city-owned garden.

The gardeners know well that deer roam through this area but hunters on their doorstep? That's another story.

“If somebody is shooting guns back there they should probably be further away,” said Joe Murray.

John Henry Jones has been growing vegetables at the community garden for more than 20 years. The 83-year-old says this is his slice of heaven. In his heaven, hunting is not allowed.

“We're concerned because somebody is doing this and we want to get to the bottom of it,” Jones said.

This is a protected area and hunting is against the law in the middle of Greenbelt. MacQueen has no idea who's doing this but she wants them caught.

“It’s very much a public safety hazards not to mention I'm opposed to hunting. These deer are living feeling beings and they deserve to live out their lives free of pain and suffering,” she said.