Daniel Montague arrested on sex charges

A climbing coach at Earth Trek has been charged with performing sexual acts with a minor.

The arrested, 20-year-old Daniel Montague, worked at an Earth Treks rock climbing facility in Columbia, Md.

The mother of the victim told police her daughter had been sexually assaulted by a climbing instructor, the Baltimore Sun reports. Montague has been the girl's instructor for more than a year.

Montague’s arrest was reportedly leaked to The Baltimore Sun through a letter written by climbing center executives that was forwarded to the paper.

Montague's arrest followed that of Michael Lyons, a 31-year-old coach who worked at Earth Treks and was also the coach of the youth U.S national team. Lyon was charged with 12 counts in connection with act involving a 14-year-old girl.

In this separate case, Montague was aware how old the girl was, according to a police report. The girl's age is being withheld by police. Montague and the girl allegedly "began to have a sexual relationship" in March, meeting at least four times at the minor's house while her mother was not home.

Detectives are conducting an investigation of the entire facility and its staff. Members hope these are isolated incidents.