D.C. police shoot, kill German shepherd after 3 bitten

(Photo: Flickr/Elisa ...)

Metropolitan Police shot and killed a German shepherd Tuesday night after three people were bitten by the dog.

Detectives said the dog attacked three people--including one in a wheelchair--before officers opened fire.

Jose Meija tried to swat the 75 pound dog away with his hat before the dog dug into his leg, piercing through his pants.

Meija was one of three people with dogbite wounds police found when they arrived in the 6400 block of 14th Street NW.

Police also found a woman who had been bitten repeatedly as well as a man in a wheelchair. But it wasn't until the dog lunged at police that they fired shots, killing him.

Samuel Nwalozie, 12, watched the entire episode unfold from his window.

"It was barking at first and then it started chasing some people because I heard some screams," Mwalozie said.

Neighbor Tommy Miles had to help a friend get her pets inside after the German shepherd was violently taunting them through a fence. Moments later, the dog went after people instead.

"The German shepherd was very aggressive," Miles said.

The owner of the dog didn't want to talk, distraught over the death of the family pet.

Police say none of the victims were seriously injured.