Culpeper Sheriff involved shooting: Suspect ID'd as Rapidan man

More details are emerging on the use of deadly force by two deputies with the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office.

State police say the deputies shot 59-year-old Harold Lee Daniels on Thursday night after the Rapidan man pointed a gun at the deputies. The deputies were attempting to arrest Daniels after his vehicle was clocked going more than 100 mph and he fled in his vehicle after a deputy conducting the speed checks attempted to stop him.

State police say that deputy and a second deputy later traced the vehicle and Daniels to a residence in Rapidan. Investigators said Daniels pointed a gun at the deputies as they attempted to apprehend him. He died at the scene.{ }

Nancy Berg may have been one of the last neighbors to have seen Daniels alive Thursday.

“He was bent over like he was gardening. I just waved at him,” she says.

Earlier she noticed something that now stands out as strange. He walked one of his dogs barefoot.{ }

“Scary,” she says. “This is a good neighborhood.”

Berg had no idea what had happened just minutes before.{ }

“My wife was distraught and called our pastor to ask if he was OK and he said no. He’s dead,” says John Green.{ }

Green knew Daniels best from their neighborhood church.

“We all wish we could be perfect human beings, but reality is plant earth can be a tough place,” he says.{ }

Greene looks back and wishes he could have done more for Daniels, a divorced father who had recently moved in and appeared to be at a new beginning in his life, not the end.

Neither deputy was injured in the deadly encounter.

A state police investigation continues.