Crackdown on Metro workers parking in Kiss and Ride

A Metro worker receives a ticket. (Photo: Brianne Carter)

Day after day, it’s a persistent problem at the Huntington Metro station. Some Metro workers park in the Kiss and Ride lot or in the metered lot without paying. Instead, they post part of their uniform-like vests and helmets on the dashboard, hoping to avoid parking fees.

Fed up, Mike Pertucci started snapping photos of the cars and posting them online.

“I thought maybe they would respond over twitter and they haven't and I've tweeted them for weeks,” he said.

Metro officials say the problem was first addressed back in April. Violators were ticketed and reprimanded and a reminder of the paring policy was sent to all employees.

A Metro spokesman says it was unacceptable then and unacceptable now, adding that the transit agency will continue to crackdown on violators.

Transit police on Thursday began handing out tickets.