Colorado boy starts petition to restore funding to NASA

(KUSA/CNN) - Ever since he was very young, 6-year-old Connor Johnson has wanted to be an astronaut. He wants to discover new worlds, find asteroids and explore the outer reaches of our universe.

Naturally, when he found out over Thanksgiving that Congress will be cutting funding to NASA, he was extremely disappointed. That's why he decided to help out.

The Colorado boy thought that donating his allowance and savings - upwards of $10.41 - but his parents convinced him that starting a petition would likely work better.

Passing a White House petition around friends and family got it about 40 signatures, but when it was picked up by local affiliate KUSA, it skyrocketed.

Like all petitions on, it needs 100,000 signatures to merit a response from the president. Connor's deadline is Dec. 29, and as of Monday, he's got about 4,000 signatures.