Cold weather plagues Midwest

While the cold weather is rough here, it's much worse across parts of the Midwest and has caused some dangerous problems.

Holiday travelers were confronted with wild weather in several states.

A fresh blanket of deep powder has coated a large region of the Rust Belt, from Michigan to New York. There are reports of one to two feet of snow.

The early January system made travel treacherous. A 5-mile stretch of I-81 near Harrisonburg had to be shut down for hours to tend to the injured and to clean up vehicles tangled in a 20-car pile-up.

Similar horror stories unfolded on roadways in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

"There are cars flipped over, that tractor trailer is off its wheels here," said Ross Hirschfield of Pittsburgh. "It's a mess out there."

More than a dozen people were injured from various pile-ups and slick road conditions in Michigan contributed to two traffic fatalities in that state.

Farmers are worried about crop damage and fans expecting warm weather for Wednesday's Orange Bowl have instead been greeted by less-than-friendly weather.

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