Cold snap surprises area residents

If you were out over the weekend, you might have encountered a nasty combination of cold temperature and rain. And as we found out, some area residents were unprepared for the change in weather.

Saturday started with summer-like temperatures but the weather quickly changed, literally leaving some out in the cold on Sunday.

“It is kind of an extreme. It goes from pleasant to pretty overcast and gloomy,” said D.C. resident Kaitlon Kirby.

People heading outdoors Monday are going to want to bundle up.

“I brought shorts 'cos I thought it was going to be warm, but it ended up being about fifty degrees,” said Garrett Hullfish, Excursion Boat Employee.

ABC7 Meteorologist Adam Caskey says Columbus Day will start out on the chilly side with lows in the 40s, but Arlington resident Blaine O'Reilly said she doesn't mind.

“Something just came through and it got a little chillier, but I like it,” said O'Reilly.