Coalition urges families to denounce President Obama over gay marriage

Just one day after the Democratic Party said that it's making gay marriage part of its platform for this election cycle, there's already fierce opposition.

The Coalition of African-American Pastors will announce Tuesday that it's starting a nationwide campaign urging people to stop supporting President Barack Obama. The group is angry about the president's announcement that he supports gay marriage.

Rev. William Owens and his group are hoping to collect 100,000 signatures from African-American families denouncing the president and his views, saying that it's not what his community wants.

"He has taken our vote for granted," Owens said. "He got off course. It is not the desires of the community to have marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman."

Owens likens the perceived attack on the Christian faith to the way black people were attacked during segregation.

The Coalition's announcement comes just days after Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy reaffirmed his and his company's stance against gay marriage.

Owens added, "When I was marching for civil rights, when they didn't want a black to come into their restaurant, they didn't want us standing in their hotels. Now, they're saying because we take a Christian position, they don't want us in their cities. Well, we won't take it."