Coach Q helps football players make it to college

A coach wants to make sure high school players use their football skills as an opportunity for a college education.

The semi-professional Montgomery County Rams are gearing up for the gridiron. These young men have the support of the man they lovingly call Coach Q who helps them make a play for college.

“He took me under his wing and told me don't give up you can do anything you put your mind to,” one said.

Mothers and caregivers say thanks to Coach Quincy Royal, their football players are at schools like Virginia University of Lynchburg and West Virginia State. They say he serves as a coach, motivator and guidance counselor to their sons and nephews, sending highlight tapes of players to football programs around the country.

“You might send to 50 schools and nobody wants 'em. So then you have to find 50 more schools to send it until somebody want him because we have to get the kid in school,” Royal said.

Volunteers and staff provide tutoring to help improve test scores in addition to practice and games to help players get accepted to a college team.

His fans say he's more than just a coach.

“It's like he stepped in and changed his life … as a father figure to him and sent him on to college,” one said.

Coach Royal often spends his own money to run his organization and provide scholarships to his football players once they've been accepted to college. He's put thousand of miles on his own car to see his young men play at school.