Chinese panda cubs celebrate 100-day birthday

Photo: CCTV

(WJLA) - Watching Mei Xiang's panda cub grow is time consuming enough for the D.C. community - imagine that excitement times 14.

That's what's happening in China, where keepers are celebrating the "100-day birthday" for 14 giant panda cubs at the Panda Research Center.

Many of the world's zoo pandas come from the Research Center in Sichuan Province, including ones at Smithsonian's National Zoo and Zoo Atlanta. Pandas at both zoo's have recently given birth to healthy, happy cubs.

According to Chinese tradition, babies and their families celebrate 100 days after their births to wish babies a long and happy life.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Mei Xiang's yet-to-be-named panda cub weighed in at 8 pounds at her last check-up last week.