Chinese doctor accused of trafficking babies, telling parents children would die

Photo: CNN

A village in China is outraged after its residents discovered that a local doctor had been selling newborn babies to human traffickers, CNN says.

The trafficking is going on Shaanxi Province, a region in northwestern China, where doctor is alleged to have long been in the business of selling newborn babies.

In many of the cases, Chinese state media says that the doctor would tell a baby's parents that they had contracted an illness and could die; in the process, he would convince them to give up their child.

In turn, the doctor would sell the baby to traffickers for the equivalent of about $300.

CNN says that in one case, the doctor in question, Zhang Shuxia, told a baby boy's parents that their son had contracted syphilis and took him away. The parents became suspicious when neither of them tested positive for the disease.

That boy was returned to the parents earlier this week, but not before the baby had been sold a total of three times.