Children and Botox

At 8-years-old, Brittany is the youngest admitted user of Botox.

Pictures show Brittany as her mother, Kerry, injects her with Botox. She’s a mother who also uses it herself. In an interview with ABC’s Lara Spencer, Kerry claims Brittany asked her for the injections. Spencer asked Brittany too.

Britney - "I don't know."
Lara Spencer - "Well, do you do it because you see wrinkles or …”
Kerry - "Wrinkles?"
Britney - "Oh yah. I see like wrinkles and it just, like I just, like don't like think wrinkles are nice on little girls."

Brittany’s mother is now under investigation. Doctor Tina Alster, a leading cosmetic dermatologist in the District, said while it’s not illegal to inject children with Botox, good sense would not lead her to do it. The long-term effects on children are unknown.

“I would say you can use Botox on a child if you have a specific neurological problems such as ticks or spasticity some cerebral palsy,” Alster said. “In fact, Botox has been used for years for children for those conditions. However cosmetic Botox has been approved for use in adults."