Dramatic video shows Chesapeake Bay Bridge accident survivor clinging to rocks

Morgan Lake is seen here clutching to rocks.

BAY BRIDGE, Md. (WJLA) - “I got hit by a truck.”

Those may be the first words spoken by 22-year-old Morgan Lake after she broke free from her sinking car and scrambled onto rocks at the base of the Bay Bridge last Friday night. Traffic screeched to a halt after a truck sent her car flying off the bridge and people ran to the edge.

A man who was just a few cars behind Lake when her vehicle plunged off the bridge posted dramatic video on YouTube of the survivor emerging from the water.

Now recovering from what turned out to be minor injuries, Lake says she well remembers the comforting voices from above.

“I was on the rocks and I was bleeding and my lower half was in the water,” she says. “And they're saying get out of the water.”

Onlookers plea with the Southern Maryland College student to hang on. Bloodied and dazed, She carefully maneuvered around on the slick rocks hoping to find a less dangerous spot to wait for help.

The 22-year-old College of Southern Maryland student says she felt herself starting to drown, but was able to climb through a broken window and swim to safety.

In the video, you can see and hear other witnesses comforting Lake as they waited for emergency crews to arrive on the scene. Amazingly, Lake only suffered a sprained ankle and some bruises.