Census: More older couples living together

Living together outside of marriage isn’t just for younger people thinking about marriage later. Some new Census Bureau numbers show the average age of cohabitation is getting older.

A new study conducted by the non-profit Population Reference Bureau for USA TODAY shows that nearly half of all couples living together are 35 or older, 13 percent are 55 or older, and almost 30 percent are divorced.

And 41 percent of couples living together have children in the home.

USA TODAY quotes sociologist Andrew Cherlin of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore as saying that cohabiters are "increasingly more diverse than a decade ago. The idea that young adults are dominant is really wrong. There is no stereotypical cohabiting couple anymore. The middle-class, childless, cohabiting couple represents a very small proportion of all cohabiting Americans."

ABC7’s Natasha Barrett has the story.

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