Cellulaze helps get rid of cellulite and gain confidence again

Alex Smith, 37, has worried about exposing her cellulite since she was a teenager.

“I'm always self-conscious because I don't like the way it looks- I'm always covering up that area,” Smith said.

No matter what she tried—the dimpled skin she, and so many others, dread, remains.

It was present “even when I was in very good shape- working out all the time,” she said.

“Nothing seems to make it better or go away,” Smith said.

But an innovative laser treatment, called cellulaze, could be the solution.

“It is the first treatment for cellulite that actually works,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Rondi Walker.

Walker says women are lining up for the minimally invasive, FDA-approved procedure.

“You can use it on the buttocks, thighs, posterior arms,” Walker said.

During the two-hour procedure, a tiny laser is inserted under the skin to heat and melt the fat. Then, the laser cuts through fibrous bands that are pulling the skin down—creating that dimpled look of cellulite. Finally, the laser delivers energy to the undersurface of the skin.

“To create more collagen to tighten the skin and thicken the skin so we have a very nice smooth layer,” Walker said.

Before and after photos show dramatic improvements and Dr. Walker says women can expect about a 70 percent improvement in three-to-six months. In Europe, results have been shown to last at least two years.

“It's definitely going to be changing cellulite treatment- this is the treatment for cellulite,” Walker said.

“I am hoping that I can feel more confident with my legs and not have to cover up and hide them as much,” Smith said.

Patients should expect some swelling, bruising and minor discomfort for a couple weeks and will need to wear compression garments to help with healing. Cellulaze costs about $2,500 per area treated—but, some doctors are offering package deals for multiple areas.