Cancer survivor works to find a cure

Brasen Vonmoose-Lemin (Photo: WJLA)

Brasen Vonmoose-Lemin was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only four years old.

His mother, Cherie Vonmoose-Lemin, said they noticed that he had bruising from his underwear. Tests were run and that’s when the family found out.

For the past three years, Brasen battled his cancer with treatments at the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital. He’s still taking chemotherapy but he’s now in remission.

Recently, he decided he wanted to thank his doctors.

“He seen a thing on the news about another hospital having a fundraiser,” said his father, Donald Lemin. “He said his hospital needed one, so he was going to do it.”

Brasen worked with his parents and older brother Kaleb to set up a fundraiser at his elementary school. They made brownies and 37 gallons of lemonade and local merchants donated food and gift cards for raffles. Afterward, it took the family an hour to count up the funds.

The family raised more than $1,800 and Brasen hand-delivered the money to his doctors last month.

One of his doctors, pediatric hematology oncologist Dr. Teresa York, said she didn’t know the family was coming and was completely shocked by the wonderful gesture.

“I thought that was well beyond his years and very mature of him to be thinking of others as he's going through something so tragic himself,” York said.

Brasen said this is only the first of many fundraisers to come. His mission is clear.

“To find a cure for cancer,” Brasen said.