California Rim Fire continues to burn out of control near Yosemite

Photo: CNN

The massive wildfire dubbed the Rim Fire that continues to threaten Yosemite National Park in California continues to burn out of control, becoming the largest blaze in the history of the Nevada Range.

Firefighters have 20 percent of the inferno contained as dozens of helicopters and air tankers aid 3,800 personnel on the ground.

Walking into the burning timber on the edge of Yosemite, the loud crackling of burning trees is unmistakable. There are several large swaths of fire that continue to burn out of control.

"One of the biggest concerns is you see these large trees out here, so we have a lot of those trees that are dropping and fallin gin isolated areas," Cal-Fire spokesman Johnny Miller said. "Our firefighters really have to be heads up when they're out there putting water on the fire."

The flames themselves are not the only problem coming from the Rim Fire. The smoke is so think in many areas surrounding Yosemite that visibility is reduced to less than 100 yards. Luckily, most of Yosemite remains untouched by the massive fire.

"The park is safe," Miller said. "There is a large area of the park that is still accessible."