Bruce Springsteen rocks Nationals Park for die-hard fans

by Hatzel Vela

There is no way you can miss Bruce Springsteen fans.

When Nationals Park didn’t open their gates when scheduled, the
Boss fans started getting antsy.

“Open the gates,” chanted a group waiting in line.

Eventually, approximately 38,000 fans made their way inside the
stadium to watch the 62-year old rock star sing those all too-familiar

Jackie Kordello has seen Springsteen 19 times.

“I love him,” said Kordello, who admitted she has been a fan since the
River Tour.

Her brother has her beat, she said.

He has seen Springsteen close to 50 times.

“It’s a big party. It’s a big party. You can forget about all the
problems in the world and just have one good time,” Kordello said.

“I grew up listening to the music and it’s really inspirational and
he’s really awesome dude,” said Sam Elmore, 17, who came with his

“He sings about real things for real people, which is more than I can
say about the music on the radio nowadays,” Elmore said.

Lauren Scarborough also came to the show with her father.

She bought him the tickets as a Father’s Day gift.

“They’re rock and rollers, so we’re all good you know…all good,” said
her father, beaming with pride.

Perhaps the most die-hard fan standing in line was John Witwer, who
traveled from San Diego to see Springsteen.

And Washington wasn’t his last stop.

He has tickets to see Bruce at two shows in New Jersey.

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