Jayna Murray's brother receives package from dead sister

Jimmy Duque says he delivered mail to Janya Murray at the Lululemon store in Bethesda for a year.

Duque had mixed emotions when he learned Murray's older brother Hugh received a package from his sister after her death. Hugh Murray got the package in Iraq, where he returned for work following his sister’s funeral, Patch in Bethesda first reported.

When Murray's brother, an attorney for the U.S. army, went home for the funeral he learned from one of Jayna's friends that she had been talking about sending him a care package. He called and e-mailed around to see if he received any mail from his sister, with no luck. He then remembered he gave his sister an address in Mosul, Iraq, where he occasionally traveled. He checked, and sure enough, a package was waiting for him with a return address to his sister.

Jayna Murray was found dead in March at the Lululemon store in Bethesda. She was discovered beaten to death with another co-worker, Brittany Norwood.

At the time they were discovered, Norwood claimed she and Murray were sexually assaulted and beaten by unknown men. It was later revealed that Norwood concocted the story and was responsible for killing Murray, authorities said.

Duque just lost his own brother recently. He says he can't imagine what it must have felt like being in Hugh Murrays' shoes receiving a package so far away. “That must have been tough not being with any family,” Duque said.

Inside the package Murray found a card and a Lululemon running hat. Friends and family say Jayna was known for giving athletic apparel as gifts.

Duque says Murrays' generosity even extended to him. In a recent visit to the store, Murray and co-workers gave him $300 worth of Lululemon gear. “They asked me to come by,” he remembers, “and they just gave them to me and that was the type of person she was.”

The package to her brother was postmarked March 7th, just four days before Murray’s death inside the Lululemon store where she worked.