Brittany Norwood's brother pleads with sister for truth

In a tape played during a pretrial hearing Friday, Brittany Norwood’s brother is heard pleading with his sister to find out what happened the night Norwood allegedly murdered her co-worker.

According to the recording, he also questioned whether an insanity defense could be pursued.

The conversation between Norwood and her bother was taped at police headquarters prior to Norwood’s arrest as a suspect in the murder of Jayna Murray.

Norwood has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The trial on first-degree murder charges is scheduled for October in 10 days.

On the tape, Christopher Norwood is heard telling his 29-year-old sister, "you're going to have to be very honest with us... it doesn't look good because you tried to cover it all up."

He asked Norwood whether Murray “ever accuse you of that what this is all about?"

Norwood grunts, and later says, "I didn't take anything."

Norwood's brother also asked whether the "whole thing was planned." Brittany emphatically denies it was premeditated.

The murder of Murray sent shockwaves throughout the nation because of the brutality of the slaying and the twists and turns the case took. When Norwood and Murray were discovered, Norwood told authorities she and the victim had been sexually assaulted by unknown assailants, police said.

Authorities later announced that Norwood concocted the story and was responsible for beating Murray to death.

On the tape played Friday, Norwood and her brother talk about a possible defense based on the grounds that Norwood wasn’t criminally responsible, also known as an insanity defense.

On the tape, Christopher Norwood says one option would be claiming Brittany Norwood was "temporarily insane." He questions whether that would work since Brittany Norwood had told counselors since the murder that she is not insane.

Sources told WJLA in September that Norwood’s legal representatives would not pursue such a strategy.

A judge will decide whether this and other evidence will be presented to the jury when this case goes to trial. Norwood was suspected of shoplifting, which the prosecution suspects was the motive for the alleged murder.

Brittany Norwood sat in court quietly Friday. In the courtroom's front row, watching intently, were Murray's parents, brothers and sister in law.

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