Black students allegedly ordered to back of school bus in Montgomery County incident

A group of black elementary students in Montgomery County claim their school bus driver routinely orders them to the back of the bus. School officials are looking into the incident.

Stella Nwaeze picked her children up from Flower Valley Elementary School Friday because she doesn't want them to ride the bus anymore.

“The bus driver has been asking the kids to go to the back of the bus,” Nwaeze said.

“When we both just want to sit in the front he just directly tells us to go to the back,” said Arinze Ejiofor, a 1st grader at the school.

Nwaeze says she learned of the claims Thursday night, including that the driver allegedly instructed white students to sit in the front.

Nwaeze's daughter says some of the black students do chronically create problems on the bus, but says students like her who don’t quarrel also are send to the back.

“There are some black boys that are too loud that keep on shouting … so I think he thinks it's like every black person,” Zhinasa Ejiofor said.

A school official says if the allegations prove true, the actions are unacceptable. He says bus drivers are trained in dealing with unruly children, and sending all children of one race to the back of the bus runs counter to that training.

One official said the Latino bus driver likely is not aware of the sensitivity surrounding ordering some people to the back of the bus. School officials say they are working to resolve the issue.