Black Friday deals send shoppers scrambling to stores

Shoppers at Best Buy in Fairfax scramble for the best deals. (Photo: WJLA)

For many shoppers, the time on the clock on Black Friday is irrelevant.

As the clock struck midnight to turn Thanksgiving Thursday into Black Friday, shoppers across the D.C. area and the country swarmed stores, looking for the hottest bargains available.

With carts in hand and cash-saving deals on their mind, shoppers combed aisles early Friday morning looking for steals, including at the Best Buy in Fairfax.

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"We got a 42-inch flat screen TV and two BluRay players," shopper Melissa Hay said.

For some, browsing wasn't even an option - the strategy was to get what you came for and go home.

"We came and got what we wanted, got in line and got out," Day said.

The good news for retailers is that Black Friday is just the beginning, with many at Best Buy saying that it was only their first stop of a busy holiday shopping season.

But some didn't get so lucky. Another shopper, George Lopez, wanted to get his hands one one of the store's hottest bargains - the $200 flat screen television.

He didn't get one.

"I don't think it was worth the wait in line," Lopez said. "You win some, you lose some."