Bibles mislabeled as 'fiction' at California Costco

      The Bibles, which were labeled as fiction, were later corrected. Photo: KTLA/CNN

      (KTLA/CNN) - Caleb Kaltenbach, the lead pastor at a Southern California church, certainly believes that the words of the Bible are true in every way.

      So, imagine his surprise when he saw a set of the holy books labeled "fiction" at a local Costco.

      Kaltenbach was shopping at a Costco in Simi Valley, Calif. earlier this month when he chanced upon the Bibles, which had stickers labeling them as fiction. He quickly posted a photo of the mismarked books to his social media profiles, but couldn't find anyone in the store to address the issue.

      "I tried to find somebody and I couldn't," Kaltenbach said. "I checked to see if the other Bibles were like that, and they were."

      Costco officials later reached out to the pastor and his congregation to explain that a distributing error led to the books being mislabled. They were subsequently changed.

      Regardless of the controversy, Kaltenbach says that he's chalking the mixup up to a simple mistake.

      "It just highlights our mission of being able to share the gospel with people," he said.