Battleground Virginia: Obama, Romney duke it out in Old Dominion

It's a matchup with two men on a collision course and Virginia is the battlefield.

A new poll shows President Barack Obama was leading GOP Challenger Mitt Romney by eight points in March, five points in June and this month it's dead even.

In other words: Game on.

"He (Mitt Romney) plans to cut things like job training and financial aid for college and potentially raise taxes on the middle class,” Obama said.

Romney, however, countered: "In the past six months, he's done 106 fundraisers, so I think you learn something about the president's priorities, the job he's interested in protecting is his own."

The Old Dominion will get a hefty dose of it.

By several company's counts, the campaigns have only spent more money on ads in Ohio and Florida - with Virginia third.

And a large portion of the ads are negative.

For Virginians, it's a turn off - especially over the past month. Obama, hammered over healthcare, has seen his unfavorable ratings grow, from 44 to 48 and Romney's Bain Capital controversy has him seeing a bump of 37 to 42.

Where are they doing well? Virginia voters say Obama is more caring while Romney is better on the economy.

And when it comes to dollars and cents, few issues divide Virginians more than the bush era tax cuts. Eighty-eight percent of Democrats want taxes to go up for households making more than $250,000 a year and only 33 percent of Republicans.