Barcroft Elementary School back in session

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) -- On a rainy day in Arlington, in the middle of summer, class is back in session. For the last decade, Barcroft Elementary School has started school during the first week of August. The school runs on a modified calendar, and just a handful of area schools have it.

Principal Colette Bounet says it’s the reason she applied for the job there. Today is her first day as principal.

“This is truly a neighborhood school and they really value what they all bring to it,” Bounet says. “I think this setup for this area was particularly well placed.”

Bounet says families here want the longer school year and the Pre-K through fifth grader students need it.

“The evidence just really kind of points toward a wonderful way for kids to not regress," Bounet says. The theory works for adult learners, too. Roughly percent of students here speak another language at home. In this mobile classroom, a group of the school’s Spanish-speaking mothers are learning English. Their teacher admits they’re a little rusty.

“It takes a while for the English juices to get going in their brains,” Erik Endo says. “But, I think next week they'll be in the right frame of mind.”

Almost side by side, parents and students here are falling back into learning, more than a month before fall actually starts.