Bag tax in Montgomery County

At the start of the year, a new law went into effect in Montgomery County requiring retailers to charge five cents for each bag, paper or plastic.

The revenue generated by the bag tax will go toward the water quality protection fund which pays for litter clean up, among other things. It costs the county $3 million just to clean up garbage.

On Tuesday, County Executive Ike Leggett handed out free reusable bags.

"Good morning," Leggett said. "I'm gonna give you a free bag here so you don't have to pay that five cents. Here you go."

The county plans to distribute more than 100,000 free bags.

{ }Leggett supported the bag tax for environmental reasons.

"We're not interested in obtaining revenues," Leggett said. "We're interested in getting people to use these reusable bags and reduce the waste in our system."

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