Australian reptile thieves make off with rare lizards, snakes, alligators

The thieves got away with several rare and young reptiles. Photo: Seven Network

A band of thieves broke into a reptile habitat in Australia over the weekend, taking a group of animals that keepers say are "priceless."

According to the Seven Network, the stolen lizards, snakes and alligators taken from the Australian Reptile Park in the state of New South Wales need special care and could die if not tended to during the Australian winter.

"I think that the people who went in there knew what they were after (and) specifically knew where to go to get them," park curator Liz Vella told Seven Network.

The reptiles aren't dangerous to humans, but most are small or babies who require special care. The stolen animals can't be legally sold in Australia and have little value.

The Australian Reptile Park, which is located on the nation's central east coat, is one of the country's oldest operating parks.