At least 10 die in storms

Storms have led to mass destruction across the south and Midwest -- causing at least ten deaths. Eight of the ten people killed were in Arkansas.

Just within the last day, more than 40 twisters were reported.

Tornado warnings in Arkansas as more storms roll in

A day after a series of powerful storms in Arkansas killed 10 people in flooding and a tornado that twisted a tractor-trailer like a wrung dish rag, residents in several states braced Tuesday for a second straight night of violent weather as forecasters again called for twisters to hammer the region.

The National Weather Service issued a high risk warning for severe weather in a stretch extending from northeast of Memphis to just northeast of Dallas and covering a large swath of Arkansas. It last issued such a warning on April 16, when dozens of tornadoes hit North Carolina and killed 21 people.

Richard Bass and his family survived by escaping to a closet. Four of his neighbors did not.

The latest round of storms began as communities in much of the region struggled with flooding and damage from earlier twisters. In Arkansas, a tornado smashed Vilonia, just north of Little Rock, on Monday night, ripping the roof off the grocery store, flattening homes and tossing vehicles into the air.

Levee breaks in Missouri

In Missouri, the fear of major flooding grows with each passing hour. ABC7 is closely monitoring what the storm could bring to the D.C. region.

Residents of Poplar Bluff, Mo., are living moment by moment inch by inch. The very levee that failed inspection after flooding in 2008 has ruptured in 4 spots along the black river. Residents from 1000 homes have been evacuated.

Residents in communities from Dallas to Memphis, already inundated by days of severe weather, face yet another foe. More rain and the threat of more tornadoes in the coming days.