Asher Vongtau, NYU student, trapped between dorm, garage for two days

Vongtau, 19, was rescued after two days of being trapped. Photo: WABC/CNN

(CNN) - A New York City college student is recovering after spending nearly two days trapped in a tiny crevice between his dormitory and a garage.

Asher Vongtau, a 19-year-old student at New York University, spent nearly 48 hours trapped between an 18-story apartment building in Manhattan and a parking garage. He went missing Saturday morning, WABC reports, after someone pulled the fire alarm inside the building.

He hadn't been seen since witnesses say he was running into the building while others were running out. How he went from there to crammed into a tiny space between buildings is anyone's guess.

Desperate to find their friend, several of Vongtau's classmates begged NYU security officials to check the area; eventually, a security officer finally found the young student moaning, cross-legged and crammed between the buildings.

It took first responders about 90 minutes to rescue Vongtau, who is said to be in stable condition. Officers believe he may have fallen into the space from the building's roof or through a window.

"They would not have found him for who knows how long, and he probably would be dead right now," Michael Yablom, one of Vongtau's friends, said.