Aruba resumes search for missing American

Aruban authorities have resumed their search for the remains of missing American tourist Robyn Gardner.

A witness is telling authorities Gardner and her accused travel companion, Maryland businessman Gary Giordano, did not go snorkeling--a stark contrast to the story Giordano has been telling authorities.

The FBI is canvassing insurance agencies looking for proof that Gary Giordano has tried to take out life insurance on other traveling companions, sources said Friday.

Several woman have come forward to say he's asked them to get insurance on prior trips.

This is being done at the request of authorities in Aruba.

Solicitor General Taco Stein says authorities need more time to prepare for the large-scale operation on the Dutch Caribbean island. It had been expected by the end of this week.

Authorities plan to search near the area where Gardner was reported missing.

The delay comes as investigators still try to piece together evidence against Giordano, who has been detained as a suspect in Gardner's presumed death.

Stein says authorities have taken a DNA sample from Giordano and will use it to test any evidence they may uncover later in the case.