Arlington schools set $100 cap on teacher gifts

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - One of the most prominent school systems in the region is cracking down on the gifts parents can buy for teachers.

The Arlington School Board voted unanimously Thursday night to set a cap on the amount of money parents can spend on holiday gifts for their children's teachers.

Starting in July, families, individuals and boosters are only allowed to spend $100 on gifts. However, parents will still be able to pool their money to buy teacher's bigger gifts.

"We can appreciate our teachers collectively rather than individually, and I think that's what really matters," Arlington parent Meg Malone said.

The new rule, designed to curb the potential for favoritism, will not apply to baked goods, homemade gifts and classroom supplies. Under the regulation, teachers will be responsible for tracking the cost of gifts they get.

Anything over $100 must be returned, and the method of keeping track has some parents skeptical of the regulations.

"I'm just not sure how they are going to track this," parent Amber Larkins said. "Someone could give $100 in one gift or $20 or $30 gifts throughout the year."