April warm weather catches many by pleasant surprise

The calendar might only read April 16, but if you spent any time outside on Monday, you'd think the dog days of summer had already arrived.

"I work in an office in front of a computer all day," D.C. Resident Leigh Heyman said. "It's better to just cut some time out of my day to sit in the park and enjoy the sun."

Heyman's feelings cascaded throughout the Washington area on a stunningly-warm and pleasant mid-spring afternoon. It was the perfect say to move the office to a the park for a makeshift picnic lunch.

"It's a beautiful definitely beats sitting in a cube," D.C. Resident Jessica Richmond said.

Temperatures throughout the area quickly climbed into the 80s on a day when the average temperature hovers around 66 degrees. In some suburbs, the thermometer flirted with 90. That's something that Southern California native Nicole Wagner, who is interning in the District, feel right at home.

"The weather has been kind of all over the place lately," she said. "I might as well soak it up while I can."

There were also no complaints at George Washington University, where Ben & Jerry's was handing out free treats. And whether this April sun gives way to either showers of May flowers, that's a worry for another day.

But that other day is coming soon - ABC 7's team of meteorologists say temperatures will return to more seasonable levels later this week. You can get the latest forecast on our weather page.