Anti-Semitic fliers in Cleveland Park offend, shock residents

Anti-semitic flyer from Cleveland Park. (Photo: Suzanne Kennedy)

Anti-Semitic fliers have been appearing on doorsteps and front porches in the District's Cleveland Park neighborhood, officials and residents said.

The fliers were left on Sunday and Monday in the 3500 block of 30th Street and the 3000 block of Porter Street, alarming residents.

"It's hard to imagine that there are people like that in our midst," said Lise Gladstone, a Cleveland Park resident.

She said the fliers made her feel unsafe in her normally quiet neighborhood.

The flier contains fractured thoughts, many expressing anti-semitic opinions like: "Jews plot the death of non Jewish people" and "Israel the problem (sic)."

Resident Patty Raz said she saw an older white man on a bicycle distributing the fliers Monday, but didn't think about what he was doing until she got home.

"It's just this really weird, crazy flier with a lot of insulting stuff in it, like it was written by somebody deranged," she said.

One of the fliers turned up on Jeff Kaye and Scott Mezistrano's front porch.

"It definitely struck at my core," Mezistrano said. "My Jewish identity is an essential part of my identity and I've never before felt any sense that I was not safe in that."

The Metropolitan Police Department was notified and is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime

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