Animals rescued from Alabama tornadoes

(Photo: Autria Godfrey)

A local animal group has rescued more than 40 animals that were left battered and hurt during the tornadoes in Alabama.

Gary Weitzman, president of the Washington Animal Rescue League, and a team of veterinarians traveled to tornado-ravaged Tuscaloosa to provide assistance. But once there, it was obvious that the animals were facing certain death unless something drastic was done.

Now, 37 dogs and five cats, all of whom were either strays or not claimed by owners, are getting some much-needed TLC at the Washington Animal Rescue League.

Mange, upper respiratory problems and ringworm are just a few of the illnesses vets have been tackling. But the most common and problematic is parvo, a contagious illness that leads to vomiting, weight loss, and sometimes a heart disorder that can cause death.

Seventeen puppies came off the rescue truck suffering from parvo. About half have recovered and vets said they are optimistic that others will pull through.

Vets say it could be up to a month before those puppies with parvo will be ready for adoption, but the good news is that the kittens like giggles here should be ready to go home by next week.