Anderson Cooper's talkshow debuts on ABC

During another visit to the ABC7 studios, Cooper spoke with ABC7's Alison Starling.

(AP, ABC7) Just hours before Anderson Cooper's new syndicated talk show "Anderson" made its nationwide debut, the host talked to ABC7.

When ABC7’s Kris Van Cleave pointed out that Cooper was filling the time slot previously occupied by Oprah’s show, Cooper quipped, “Are you trying to put pressure on me?”

“Maybe a little,” Van Cleave replied.
“As if I don't feel the pressure enough,” Cooper said.

You wouldn't know it from watching Cooper’s exclusive interview with the father of the late Amy Winehouse. Mitch Winehouse says he thinks she died after suffering a seizure related to alcohol detoxification and "there was nobody there to rescue her."

The soul diva was found dead in her London home July 23. She had fought drug and alcohol problems for years. Toxicology reports say there was alcohol in her bloodstream but it was unclear whether this contributed to her death.

Winehouse said in Friday’s taping that his daughter had been off drugs for two and a half years and was fighting alcohol problems, with occasional seizures.

He says her blood also contained traces of the prescription drug Lithium, used to fight anxiety and withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism.

Cooper promises Anderson will be a mix of big interviews, provocative topics, celebrity news and pop culture.

“Snookie is coming on, I’ll go spray tanning with her,” he said.

Cooper said he’s planning to balance the daytime talk show with his abroad reporting trips and his other show, AC360.

“We'll have enough shows on tape that I can go traveling for a week or so to go cover a big breaking story I can, but the daytime show is very important to me,” Cooper said.

“It doesn't feel like work, when you are doing something you love and its just an extension of who you are it doesn't feel like work, and frankly it’s TV work, it’s not like its a real job. It’s being on TV,” he said.