American University professor murder: Suspect in Mexico, working as yoga instructor

The man wanted on an international warrant for the murder of a local university professor is working freely in Mexico.

ABC7 news partner WTOP reports 41-year-old Jorge Rueda Landeros is working as a yoga instructor in a Juarez coffee shop a few miles from the U.S. border.

“The last known sighting of him was in Juarez. That is the most information that I have right now,” said Officer Janelle Smith of the Montgomery County Police.

Landeros is wanted for the murder of Sue Ann Marcum. Mexican authorities have yet to arrest him.

“We are working with Interpol. It's a process that takes time and doesn't happen overnight,” said Smith.

The body of the American University professor Marcum was found inside her Bethesda home on October 25th.

At the time, police said they thought Marcum's murder was the result of a robbery, focusing their investigation on an 18-year-old from the District who was found with the professor's stolen car.

But as the investigation continued, police focused on Landeros. About three weeks ago, an international arrest warrant was issued for him. Before leaving the country, Landeros provided police a saliva sample for DNA testing, reports WTOP.

Smith refused to discuss whether or not it matched DNA evidence taken from the crime scene.