Alleged hate crime: Jeep driver taunts Asian family with ethnic slurs

The victim of an alleged hate crime says a group of white men shouted ethnic slurs at him and his family from a moving Jeep, and a passenger in the Jeep waved a gun at them.

The man and his family were walking through a Gainesville parking lot when a 90s model Jeep Cherokee, red on top, gray on bottom full of young, white men rolled passed. The shirtless driver reportedly shouted racial slurs at the Asian man's wife, son and 4-year-old granddaughter.

The Jeep lapped around and the driver yelled ethical taunts again. A man riding in the back of the jeep allegedly waved a gun at the family and then drove off. Prince William County Police said they are investigating this as a hate crime. Parking lot surveillance camera images show the distinctive-looking Jeep.

“I got a picture of the jeep, two-tone jeep, red on top, gray on the bottom and I'm looking for it,” said Branch Moeling, a neighbor.

Another neighbor, Shail Patel, said she never had problems of this nature. “I feel sad for them of course,” Patel said.

Police said they hope to make arrests soon.