Alexis Simpson acted in self defense, lawyer says

Bowie State student Alexis Simpson, 19, is charged with killing her roommate. (Photo: Maryland State Police)

A lawyer for the Bowie State University student accused of killing her roommate claims the defendant acted in self-defense.

Attorney Michael Worthy says his client Alexis Simpson was alone in a room against multiple people during the fatal incident that claimed the life of Dominique Frazier. A memorial for Frazier is planned for Tuesday evening.

Simpson stabbed Frazier to death Thursday night inside her on-campus dorm, police said. An argument over music played from an iPod sparked the deadly incident.

Campus officials tell ABC 7 News no problems among the roommates were reported to a residence hall advisor in the weeks before the stabbing.

According to court documents, witnesses told police there were previous arguments between Simpson and Frazier. Both were in their second year of school and Simpson had just transferred to Bowie State.

In court Monday, an uncle of the defendant, George Simpson, called the incident a "hiccup" in the life of a good girl.

A prosecutor, however, says Simpson chose to end a life, adding she had retreated to her room but chose to go toward the victim with a knife.

“I didn’t mean to do it,” Simpson replied after the stabbing, according to charging documents. “You all don’t know what I’ve been thru (sic). You all jumped me."

Simpson will remain in jail without bond. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct 14. On Sunday, Frazier's family and friends remembered her on what would have been her 19th birthday.

On Monday, Simpson’s mother and several dozen friends and supporters packed the courtroom to show the judge Simpson is no criminal. At the courthouse, all declined comment but the teen’s District Heights neighbors say her side of the story needs to be told.

“Everybody can tell you she's a good child and she's not that type of person to hurt anybody,” said neighbor Denise Jackson.

Her supporters say Simpson, who had just transferred to Bowie, felt alone, outnumbered and afraid.

"That child don't bother anybody so I'm believing she was having problems in her school and probably was jumped on,” Jackson said.